Half of the People Agree That There Should Be Less Drama Around Consenting Adults Sharing Intimate Photos

Be sure before you hit send!

According to a new survey, the average person has accidentally sent six intimate messages or photos to the wrong person throughout their lifetime.

A survey of both men and women found that a third of all respondents admitted to sending an intimate photo in the past.

Gen Z is the most open-minded of those willing to send and receive intimate pics.

Over half of people feel that these types of pics and messages are taboo but want to change their perspective on the sharing practice.

The poll found that on average, people receive more intimate photos of others than they share themselves.

Half of those who send intimate photos said they do so at least once a week, and another 29% send them once a month or more.

The main reasons people send racy pics include being in a long-distance relationship, their partner asking for them, or feeling attractive.

On the other hand, those who have never sent an intimate photo worry about the prospect of them being shared with others or impacting their reputation.

However, four in five worry their intimate pictures could fall into the wrong hands, and 69% are worried these may be held against them. Similarly, 79% are concerned that others have these photos saved on their devices.

An equal amount of men and women, said they keep intimate photos of themselves on their devices.

Most respondents admitted keeping their own photos and others’ saved on their personal devices in a password-protected folder or on their device’s gallery.