Happening Now: A 6 Year-Old McDonald’s Cheeseburger is Getting Bids on E-Bay

It started at $29.99, see what it's up to now...

The antique furniture market has slowed down these days, nobody seems to have the space for a 100 year-old wood dresser anymore.

However, maybe there is a new market for old food?

Some guy is selling a McDonald’s cheeseburger & fries on ebay. They were originally bought in London, Ontario back in 2012. EBay bidding started at $29.99.

I know you’re thinking, who in their right mind puts fast food on a shelf for several years? But this item currently has 30 bids and the seller is going to make more than $100. Maybe the real question is, who in their right mind would buy this?

Here is the description:

This is an ORIGINAL, plain McDonald’s Cheeseburger and Fries MADE & PURCHASED JUNE 7, 2012
ORIGINAL OWNER – Never eaten.
This burger & fries has been sitting on a shelf for over 6 years!  The fries are in incredible shape.  The Cheeseburger is plain with no toppings at all, just the bun, meat patty and slice of cheese.
Please keep in mind, that there is 6 years of dust involved here, but most of it has been removed.
The shelf that the burger was sitting on has been sold and now this incredible piece of history now needs to be re-homed.
Why not do your part to help to further scientific research and history and buy this burger.  You too can witness the majesty of the Cheeseburger & Fries that just won’t die.
Go ahead…. Name the Burger!  Make it part of your family!  It will grow old right along with you.  (However, I do believe that it will out last you)
This is no joke.

This is a legitimate, very real McDonald’s Cheeseburger & Fries that we bought in London, Ontario Canada on June 7, 2012