Happiness Hack: Try Hugging Yourself for 20 Seconds A Day

Dale Loves Himself!

So this might sound a little odd, but research has shown that you can get a bit happier by doing this for 20 seconds each day. 

According to those at Boing Boing, research at UC Berkeley suggests that just hugging yourself for 20 seconds each day can put a smile on your face!

It’s a simple exercise that we can all do before work, during work or even during a lunch break.

Just Do This For 20 Seconds And Feel Happier

If meditation isn’t your thing, this may work for you…

Just close your eyes, and think about all the negativity in your life that’s been happening. Consider all this and how it makes you feel. Then go ahead and hug yourself…

Keep in mind though, it has to be a “good” hug, like you would give to someone else. Once you have that down, just think of how you can be a friend to yourself. Open your eyes, go on with your day and if all works out…you are happy!

In the research, they say that those who did this every day for a month relived the stress in their life and in general, felt happier.