Harry Styles’ New Album will be out May 20th.

The announcement may contain a sneak peak of his new music!

Singer, songwriter and actor, Harry Styles, is releasing a new album this Spring.

Harry’s House is coming May 20th. The announcement was made this week along with the release of this short video.

Some think that the song in the announcement is a song from the album, only reversed.Take a listen to the reversed sound. What do you think?



Harry Styles has two movies in production. He’s starring in Don’t Worry Darling which is coming out in September 23rd. It is a psychological thriller set in the 1950s about a housewife living in an experimental utopia community with a dark side. The movie also stars Gemma Chan and Florence Pugh with Olivia Wilde directing.

My Policeman is a movie based on the novel of the same title by Bethan Roberts. It is a love triangle set in the 1950s. A woman named Marion falls in love with a man named Tom. Years later, Tom strikes up a romance with a man named Patrick after they meet at a museum

Styles stars in the role as Tom and the Crown’s Emma Corrin is Marion. The film was recently screened before final edits are made and those lucky viewers came out with great reviews of both Harry and Emma’s performances. My Policeman is scheduled to be released sometime in 2022. Amazon Studios has bought the movie so it could be released on Amazon Prime.


Image: Harry Styles/ Youtube