This Video of Harry Styles Performing “Boyfriends” Unedited Is Everything

Harry Styles stopped by Japanese YouTube series THE FIRST TAKE to perform the Harry's House deep cut.

Harry Styles proved that he only needs one take and no production to crush a performance!

Accompanied by his band, a pair of backup vocalists and guitarists, Harry performed the Harry’s House deep cut on The FIRST TAKE, a Japanese YouTube series.

The premise is simple of the show: you get one take to perform your song. that’s it. no edits.

Dressed in a pastel shirt with a graphic of horses and cupids with a chunky pink necklace and pink trousers, Styles walked up to the mic: “Hello, I’m Harry, and this is ‘Boyfriends’ for The First Take”.

The performance was teased on Twitter last week from The FIRST TAKE’s official account:

Fans raved about the performance in the YouTube comments saying “This is really iconic. Not many of the current artists would have the confidence to go to The First Take. It´s THE ULTIMATE showcase. I am excited!”

Harry Styles is one of the few non-Japanese artists to perform on the FIRST TAKE, and hopefully this performance will open the doors on the platform.

Styles came up with the album title Harry’s House due to a Japanese inspiration as he told Apple Music in May: “The album is named after Haruomi Hosono. He had an album in the ’70s called Hosono’s House, and I spent that chunk in Japan…I heard that record and I was like ‘I love that. It’d be really fun to make a record called Harry’s House”