Hate Consumerism? This Friday Is Also “Buy Nothing Day”

Can you brave the crowds?

If you’re not buying anything on Black Friday, feel free to celebrate this holiday instead.  This Friday the 25th is also BUY NOTHING DAY, a sort of anti-Black Friday alternative.  It’s been a thing now for 30 years.

A guy in Canada started it in 1992 as a “day for society to examine the issue of overconsumption.”

It was originally in September but got moved to Black Friday in 1997.  The main way to celebrate is to buy nothing all day.  And you’re encouraged to go out and do something fun that’s free.

The truly devoted have also done things like going to shopping malls and cutting up their credit cards.  So there’s another option.

If you ARE shopping on Black Friday, we won’t judge.  Just save a little bit for the next day too, Small Business Saturday.  A poll for it found 64% of us sometimes feel guilty about shopping at big chains.