Having A ‘Beer Gut’ May Actually, Be Good For You!

Surprising news that most can get onboard with!

Beer may join red wine among vices with a healthy edge, as a new study revealed that a lager a day, whether alcoholic or not, could help keep the gastroenterologist away — for men, at least.

Researchers found that men who drank one lager each day had a more diverse colony of healthy gut microbes, compared to measurements taken before their daily beer regimen.

Results from this study show that drinking beer increases gut bacterial diversity without significantly changing body weight.

They were surprised to find that even the alcoholic brew — too much of which can potentially wreak havoc on the gut — proved beneficial in moderate amounts.

The researchers suggest that the fermentation process in beer making — which produces microorganisms of its own — as well as the presence of micronutrients like polyphenols, could be the catalyst behind the male participants’ blooming gut health.

“Beer is the main and probably only source of hop polyphenols in the human diet,” said Faria. “Hops also contain xanthohumol, which studies suggest lowers the risk of chronic diseases including obesity and diabetes.”

Instead of Beer

If you need an alternate way to help keep your gut healthy- try these foods.

Greek yogurt
fruits and veggies…
Avoid- sugar, artificial sweeteners and binge drinking