Millions of Adults Have Missed Social Events Due To Stomach Issues!

We all get gassy!

Research of 1,000 adults who suffer from IBS and other gut conditions admit they have missed over six days of work and the same number of social occasions in the last year.


Pains, bloating and tiredness have contributed to dodging such plans according to those polled – while a third have turned down a date due to the fear of discomfort.


66 percent admit they suffer in silence when it comes to their stomach and gut health issues, with more than a quarter reckoning it has a significant impact on their life. And over half confess to being embarrassed when it comes to their stomach issues.


Of those left mortified about talking about it, 50 percent didn’t think it was a topic appropriate to discuss openly and 52 percent don’t believe people would understand the extent of the problem. While 44 percent worry others would try and make light of a serious issue.


And aside from sex, the topic was top of conversations respondents would never wish to talk about at the dinner table.


To avoid an awkward conversation, half have tried to change the subject as quickly as possible and 38 percent have made an excuse to exit the discussion altogether.


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1.            Skipped a social event

2.            Not eating a meal someone has cooked for you

3.            Avoided staying away from home

4.            Not going into work

5.            Avoided exercising

6.            Missed a major occasion e.g., birthday party/wedding

7.            Avoided staying away from home overnight

8.            Missed a holiday

9.            Declined a date

10.          Didn’t go to school