Having Trouble Sleeping Could Be A Warning Sign! It Could Kill You!

Perhaps it's time to invest in some melatonin!

If you’re one of those people who can never seem to get a good night’s sleep, this might be the reason! According to a new study, around 40 percent of people are thought to suffer from high, or borderline high cholesterol levels.




High cholesterol happens when you have too much of a fatty substance in your blood.  Things like your age, weight and other conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes can also contribute to your risk of high cholesterol, and it may cause disruptive sleep at night.

Previous studies have shown links to sleeping issues and high cholesterol.  The study found that people who slept for less than six hours each night were more likely to have LDL which is bad cholesterol.




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High cholesterol has links to heart disease and the researchers said that the study confirmed that a lack of sleep was linked to this.