Hawaii Island Mayor Asked Tourists To Stop Throwing marshmallows at Lava

It's disrespectful

As thousands continue to flock to Hawaii Island to see the eruption of Mauna Loa, which continues its slow advance toward the highway, the county’s mayor is urging spectators to be respectful.

The Mayor says that people toss trash out there, and marshmallows to watch it melt.

The mayor says “Not only is that bad for the environment and people are trespassing, but it’s disrespectful to Hawaiians and their love for Madame Pele and the culture of Hawaii. It’s really bad. So we ask people to be respectful.”

His key message: Stay by your car and don’t venture into lava fields.

The message comes as Mauna Loa continues to produce a spectacular show.

Earlier this week, 20 Hawaii National Guard members were activated to assist law enforcement with traffic control measures. One main goal: To ensure lava spectators are able to get through a particular viewing area safely.

Since the viewing area was opened, about 17,000 cars have passed through.