Hawaiian Shirts Are Marking A Comeback!

Why now? Because David Beckham wore one in Miami!

There’s always a cool or not-so-cool summer fashion trend.  David Beckham makes them look cool!

Whether it’s some kind of crazylooking sandal or a style of sunglasses, there’s usually some hot item that everyone needs to wear- Hawaiian shirts have never been one of them.



But this year, it is the Hawaiian shirt! Dale’s been rocking them for years!


The colourful and uniquely patterned shirts are making a comeback this year, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The news outlet reports that part of the appeal of the shirts is the wide variety of styles they come in, which allow the wearer more freedom to express themselves.  That and David Beckham was seen wearing one!



The modern Hawaiian shirt first appeared in Hawaii at some point in the 1920s or ’30s, Smithsonian Magazine reports. 


It’s believed that the style came from kimono fabric that Japanese women adapted into men’s shirts. The shirts apparently hit the mainland not long after, and by the 1940s, they had become a fashion staple.


In the 60s the shirts became mainstream after Elvis and Richard Nixon started wearing them.