Heads Up!  Most People Lie On Dating Apps!

Dating apps may not be the best way to meet someone!

New research has found that almost half of people who use online dating apps have lied on their dating profiles.

Men were more likely than women to stretch the truth on their dating profiles (51% vs. 44%)

People lie the most about their current hairstyle and their career.

And one in four have lied about their height. 

Tinder and match.com are the most popular to be on according to the research with Tinder being the most ideal service for people looking to find something more than a casual thing.

But if you’re looking to settle down and get into a serious relationship, the poll found that Match.com is the best option, followed by eHarmony.

In a typical week, the average respondent matches with five potential dating partners on apps and websites. 

The average respondent also goes on about three dates per month with their dating app/website matches.

The average person will spend about 16 hours per week swiping and browsing other dating sites.  

And even though dating apps and websites are more convenient than putting yourself out there in the real world, they may not be the end-all-be-all. 

Four in ten respondents say they connect more strongly with people they meet outside of dating apps and 47% hope they meet their eventual partner out in the real world instead.