Heat Up Your Love Life With These Aphrodisiac Spices!

It is “Forking Season”

It’s time to spice up your relationship.

It’s finally starting to get cold outside, days are darker, and it’s not as enjoyable to do outdoor activities — which means that cuffing season has arrived.

‘Tis the season to get “cuffed” by a special someone and exclusively date for the short-term period during the colder winter months to help cure the winter blues.

But what happens if you get into a relationship during cuffing season and don’t want it to be short-lived?

Enter: “forking season.”

HelloFresh and Tinder are introducing that new coupling phase — when a relationship evolves into something more serious and deeper connections form.

New data gathered by HelloFresh revealed that couples typically make the move from casual to committed on the fifth date — often through a homemade meal — and 81% of people agreed that having a home-cooked meal date for the first time means the relationship is getting serious.

Extra spice in the kitchen for a dinner date certainly won’t hurt, either, which is why the meal kit company and the popular dating app launched a collection of Forking Seasonings for exactly that — adding spice.

The Forking Seasoning spices — Ignite (cinnamon, cloves, and ginger), Spark (saffron and salt) and Kindle (vanilla and sugar) — are marketed as being designed to both “enhance flavour” and “excite the senses.”

These spices are all aphrodisiacs….