Heinz Has A New “Packet Roller” So You Can Get Every Drop Out Of The Ketchup Packets!

OMG! Where Have You Been All My Life!

This is a total game changer!


Getting all the ketchup out of a ketchup packet is slightly difficult and mildly annoying.



But now, that national nightmare is finally over.  Heinz is selling a ketchup packet roller that gets every last drop of ketchup out.  And it’s small enough to put on a keychain.



It’s shaped like a ketchup bottle, with a slot on the side that you feed the packet through.  Then a roller inside squeezes all the ketchup out and spits the empty packet out the other side.



They’re selling for $5.70, plus $2 shipping.  You can get one at HeinzPacketRoller.com  while supplies last.