Why Not!

This is a weird thing for a condiment company to branch out into:  Heinz just announced they’re going to start making TATTOO INK.  (???)

It’s a marketing stunt, but they are doing it.  They partnered with an ink company to make tattoo ink in their signature ketchup colour, “Heinz 57 Red.”

They’ll start making it available at certain tattoo parlours in Brazil soon.  It’s not clear if and when they’re bringing it to the U.S. 

They’ve been riding the tattoo train for a few years now.

Ed Sheeran is a fan and has their logo tattooed on his left bicep.  So in 2019, they auctioned off 150 limited-edition bottles based on his tattoo.  They all sold for between $1,300 and $1,800.

They say the point of the new ink is it’s healthier than regular tattoo ink.  Europe recently banned certain chemicals that can cause bad reactions.  And red colours are supposedly the worst.

Heinz also had a bunch of tattoo artists come up with 57 tattoo designs.  So if you’re THAT into ketchup, you can get an “official” Heinz tattoo now.  They’re posting the stencils online for tattoo parlours to use.