Oh, Happy Days!

It took the pandemic for actor Henry Winkler to realize he’s a hoarder, so he decided to unload a bunch of his stuff, including the leather jacket worn by ‘the Fonz.’ 

Henry Winkler recently revealed there were only seven leather jackets used by Fonzie on the show, and he even shared the locations. However, two were owned by late “Happy Days” creator Garry Marshall, and Winkler owned two. One is currently in the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, one was stolen, and the other was destroyed during the “jump the shark” scene.



The 76-year-old is set to auction off one of his jackets as part of the upcoming “26-lot Henry Winkler Collection” auction.



The ‘Happy Days’ star is also auctioning off a bunch of other cool memorabilia like Fonzie’s Triumph motorbike and an old mechanic jumpsuit he wore on the show. The jacket alone is expected to go for 70-grand, with all the proceeds going to charity.