Here’s How Much Your Personal Information Is Worth On The Dark Web!

Change your password, again!

Password Breaches, companies getting hacked, it’s almost impossible to keep up with the security in order to keep your information safe.

Plus there are companies like Facebook that don’t seem care if people steal your info.

So when hackers, Russians or corrupt data mining firms DO get their hands on your information…what’s it worth to them?

A content marketing agency called Fracti just studied what your logins and personal info sell for on the dark web.

Here’s what they found:

1.  Your Gmail password is worth $1.
2.  Facebook . . . $5.20.
3.  Uber . . . $7.
4.  Grubhub . . . $9.
5.  PayPal . . . $247.
6.  Your entire online identity, including bank logins and PINs . . . $1,200.