Holiday Dinner Would You Rather

Tough call!

1.  Would you rather spend Christmas with your mom’s side of the family, or your dad’s?  More than 10,000 people responded, and two-thirds, 67%, said they would pick their mom’s side.

2.  Would you rather work on Christmas or Boxing Day?  66% said boxing day.  (It’s unclear how many of those people work in retail.  Also:  Those were the only two choices.  There wasn’t a “neither” option.)

3.  Turkey or ham?  72% of people said turkey.

4.  Canned cranberry or homemade cranberry?  71% said homemade.  (We recently found out that people who love homemade cranberry sauce are more likely to get a cranberry-themed tattoo than fans of canned.)

5.  Would you rather COOK Christmas dinner, or CLEAN UP afterwards?  77% would rather cook.

6.  Do you dress up at Christmas or wear comfortable clothes?  56% said comfy clothes.

7.  Stuffing or mashed potatoes?  59% said mashed potatoes.  (This seems like an UPSET, or am I underestimating potatoes?)

8.  Would you rather host a Christmas dinner or ATTEND one?  72% said they’d prefer NOT to host.

9.  Apple or blueberry pie?  56% said apple.

10.  Napping after Christmas dinner or “staying active”?  70% of people said they’re probably going to need a nap.