Hollywood Writers Could Be Back To Work Soon!

Slowly, things will return to normal...

A tentative agreement between striking screenwriters and Hollywood studios could be over soon.  The agreement needs to pass two key votes — one involving the boards of the screenwriters union, followed by a vote by the 11,500 members themselves.

Once that’s done, the 65,000 film and TV actors need their deal. Even if and when the writers go back to work, the actor’s strike will prevent Hollywood from returning to normal.

So with one strike almost over, some shows can start to roll out new episodes…Late-night talk shows were the first to be affected when the strike began, and they may be among the first to return to air now.

 NBC’s “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” on CBS could come back within days.

“SNL” may also be able to return, however, some of the actors and the guest hosts will still be absent. The actor’s strike limits promotional appearances that are the lifeblood of late-night shows.

Daytime talk shows like the Drew Barrymore show will likely return promptly…

The writers working on productions like Netflix’s “Stranger Things,” “Severance” on Apple TV+ and “Abbott Elementary” on ABC are also likely to reactivate quickly. However; the scripts will be tabled until the actor’s strike is resolved.

Film writers will slowly return work on scripts that were in the final stages of being done including “Deadpool 3” and “Superman: Legacy.”