Home Alone Gets A Reboot For Disney+ And Will Bring Back The Nostalgic Feels

This one has all the markings for a potential classic!

“Home Sweet Home Alone” is the Disney+ reboot of the original 1990 classic holiday movie “Home Alone”


This reboot starts Archie Yates who was the star of “Jojo Rabbit.”


The story is familiar, 10-year-old Max Mercer is accidentally left behind by his family as they leave for vacation and just like Kevin, Max must defend his home from robbers.


But not only does “Home Sweet Home Alone” appear to honour the original film in its storyline and execution, it directly brings back favourite characters, like Kevin’s big brother. Devin Ratray, who played Buzz in the original, makes a brief cameo in the trailer as a cop with a badge that says “McCallister.”



There might be some other notable throwback cameos as well, according to the Sun, but Disney+ will be keeping those under wraps until “Home Sweet Home Alone” premieres on the streaming service Nov. 12.