Hotel will let you rent a fish if you get lonely in your room at night

Lonely no more, with your very own fishy friend!

Staying in a hotel on your own can get lonely, but sadly, many of us have to do it when it comes to work trips and the likes.

One hotel will ensure you don’t have to spend the night alone – and no, they’re not suggesting you spend the night with a total stranger.

They’re offering you a chance to rent a little goldfish (bowl included, of course), to keep you company throughout the night.

Yep, for just just under 10 bucks per night, you can stay up and chat to your very own fishy friend, and that, people, is a deal we can totally get behind.  The hotel manager, confirmed to Mashable that they’ve been renting fish to customers since 2013 and that all of the fish are very much well-taken care of.  ‘They also have a big fish tank in the housekeeping department, with a shelter in it, oxygen and plants,’ he said.

Funny fish names:
• Clownfish.
• Bloater.
• Slimehead.
• Higgins’ eye pearlymussel.
• Oyster toadfish.
• Pirate perch.
• Spotcheck stargazer.
• Cookiecutter shark.