How About An Emotional Support Plush Man-Bear For Christmas?

What's not to love about this concept!

It’s the emotional support you didn’t know you needed.

This gigantic teddy bear isn’t like the one we saw at Costco a couple of years ago; just to be clear.

This is a giant stuffy with a “shape and size of a male human body.” But the head looks like a teddy bear.

His name is “Puffy”

A company called, The loving Bear Puffy is offering you the chance to own this 5’7 man-bear for the low, low price of US$144.

If you need some convincing, man-bear will always be at home waiting for you.  He doesn’t snore, he doesn’t sweat and he won’t complain.  He will arrive at your door, naked, because he is a Teddy bear After all. 

But you can dress him up if you want. He takes a men’s small. 

Photo Credit: A product image of Loving Bear Puffy