How David Copperfield Keeps The Secrets To His Illusions! 

How does he do it?

The legendary magician recently appeared on CBS Sunday Morning and told the program just how he keeps people from realizing how he does his wildest illusions.

He posts fake explainer videos online.  For several years, Copperfield said videos will appear where people try to break down just how he accomplishes these crazy feats. Every once in a while, it’s Copperfield posting them to point his fans in the wrong direction.

Copperfield explained that each illusion begins as a sketch on paper. Other times they’ll transition into being a 3-D model. He hinted at an upcoming one where people would appear to fly or disappear. He did not go into more detail.

Copperfield also explains how much he hates the term ‘magic trick.’

“My ‘magic’ is real, to a certain degree,” Copperfield said. “When you hear people call them ‘magic tricks,’ it’s kind of like … I understand, I accept it, I use the word ‘trick,’ I did it today. But it’s kind of diminishing all the hard work that goes in that in-between part, from when it’s not there and when it’s there.”