How Many Calories Are Halloween Candies- And How Hard You Will Have To Work To Burn Them Off

It’s hard to Reese-ist indulging in candy, especially on Halloween.

Despite their “fun-sized” portions, calories from these Halloween treats can add up, especially if you have five, six or 10!


The average child eats more than 16 times the daily recommendation of sugar on average on October 31st…Kids consume anywhere between 3,500 and 7,000 calories on Halloween…

To burn off 7,000 calories, a child would have to walk for 180 miles while trick-or-treating… (That’s 50km)

Overall adults are known to gobble down three to four pounds of candy during Halloween and about three cups of sugar, which is equivalent to 220 sugar packets.

To burn off that much of the sweet stuff, adults would need to spend 720 minutes (12 hours) walking, cycling or dancing; 360 minutes (6 hours) running or swimming; or 1,008 minutes (nearly 17 hours) sweeping or vacuuming.

And because those who weigh less have a slower burn rate, the time it takes for kids is even longer: Children up to the age of 12 need to spend 3,456 minutes (almost 58 hours) doing homework; 1,152 minutes (about 19 hours) walking, cycling or dancing; or 576 minutes (9.6 hours) running or swimming to clear that many calories.


Each 2-piece serving of “fun-sized” treats (slightly larger than “minis”) is between 130-150 calories, which can add up quickly as part of the standard 2,000-calorie-a-day diet.

Someone who devoured 10 of the minis would have to do 3,500 jumping jacks to burn them off…


You can taste the rainbow with these fruity snacks, but to burn off a fun-size pack of Skittles — which is about 60 calories — you’d need to jog 6 minutes…

Reese’s Peanut Butter Pumpkins

Just one of these hefty confections is 85 calories.

For a 125-pound person, weight lifting for 30 minutes will burn 90 calories, as will 30 minutes of other sports and training activities such as bowling and volleyball….


As for everyday activities, spending 30 minutes grocery shopping with a cart will on average burn 85 calories.  Now go get that Kale!