How Many Calories Does Sex Actually Burn?

Not many at all!

How good of a workout is sex?  Doing the deed does indeed burn calories, though it might not be the quality cardio you think it is.

The sex position you’re using, how long it lasts and how active you are will have a pronounced effect on how many calories you’re burning off.

In a 2013 study scientists at the University of Montreal found that men burn considerably more calories than women during sex.

Their results – published in the journal PLOS ONE – found that, on average, men burn 100 calories, while for women it’s 69.

It was estimated that men burn around 4.2 calories during a session, with 3.1 for women.

This may be because men may be more physically active during sex, but it’s mainly because men weigh more, and so their energy expenditure is higher, even for the same amount of exercise.