Man Shares List Of Reasons Wife Gives For Not Having Sex

Sometimes your person isn’t in the mood for sex, it happens!

One frustrated man decided to write down all of the reasons his wife gave him for not getting frisky between the sheets – and everyone is saying the same thing.

TikTok user @joe_drae shared a video that revealed a long list of reasons his partner had given him over a period of time.

Here Are The List Of Reasons:

Did it last week
I’m Bloated
Want to cuddle
Just washed sheets
Have Headache
Too early
your drunk
Got to get up early
Too Late
Not in the mood
It’s Cold
It’s Hot
Pretend to be sleeping

Although many people found the list hilarious and could relate to it, many people were quick to give the same feedback.

One wrote: “It’s not her, it’s you.”