Good News, Sex Is Back After Falling Off The Agenda During Lockdowns!

It appears that people have two years' worth of pent-up energy!

Condoms, lube and bikini hair removal products are selling fast, with hygiene giant Reckitt reporting that sales shot up by nearly a fifth towards the end of last year.


And with that, sales of eco-friendly toys are way up! Couples are also getting more adventurous, trying out a role play, car sex, games and erotic fantasies. 


Couples have also turned to sex therapy which has become very popular.  Coaches are offering a safe space to navigate emotions and learn new skills. Also becoming very popular are swinging, polyamory and open marriages. 


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People are kissing again!  And because we haven’t been able to do it for so long- there’s PDA everywhere.  A lingering kiss that lasts around 10 seconds can also release the feel-good chemicals.


Morning sex is also said to be on the rise. Starting the day with a little hanky panky is not only mood-boosting but can knock up to seven years off you.


A recent study found that those in the 40 to 50 age group who looked younger than their age claimed to have sex around three times a week.


Teasing is no longer just for starters, as outercourse is set to become more popular than intercourse, says sexual wellness brand Lelo. Think sensual massage, “ear-play” — that is foreplay around the ears — and more. Taking time to explore instead of rushing to the finish line encourages better communication.


While all these things seem exciting, and though we are back to our fast-paced way of living, sex experts are predicting that sex will remain slower-paced than before.