Dividing Housework Is Just As Important As Sex In A Relationship, Says A New Study


Historically, the burden of chores and household tasks has fallen on the woman and this inequality can still be a big source of tension.



New research has revealed just how important it is to make sure you’re splitting household tasks evenly – with 53% of couples saying it is as important, or more important, than sex in their relationship.



According to a study of 2,000 same-sex and opposite-sex couples, the key to relationship satisfaction could be how you divide your chores.



One in two couples think not helping out with household chores is just as bad as cheating on their significant other, or worse.

The findings revealed that 60% of couples say a more balanced division of household chores would improve their loyalty.



Lockdown has also had an impact on how important household chores are in our relationships too. 40% admit they have got into more arguments about housework with their significant other now, as compared to before the pandemic.



The study found that it’s still rare to find a couple that does share the chores equally. 



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The majority of couples say that either they or their partner are primarily responsible for household work – with less than a third of couples reporting a relationship with an equal contribution.



73% of those in a relationship are satisfied with their partner’s efforts to maintain the home, women are 45% more likely than men to report dissatisfaction with their partner’s household’s contributions.



51% of couples will do chores together and use that time to bond.