How Many Months Out of the Year Do People Feel Their Best?

Here's hoping that 2024 will be better!

In 2023, people have lost 26 hours with loved ones, missed eight social events and cancelled nine dates due to not feeling their best.

A survey of 2,000 U.S. adults split evenly by generation revealed that the average adult is only on their “A game”, or feeling their best, about 15 days each month, or six months out of the year.

Results also revealed that the top three reasons people tend to feel badly are not getting enough sleep, stress and being sick.

Almost three in five (57%) Gen Xers are likely to be brought down by stress, more than any other generation.

Employed respondents (62%) estimate that they’ve missed four days of work and spent another four whole days in bed over the last year simply due to being sick.

The survey also looked at adults’ habits when they are feeling at their best and found they’re likely to spend time with family, clean, read, and hang out with friends and their pets in the evenings.

Millennials are the most likely generation to spend their healthy hours getting creative, while baby boomers are most likely to go out to eat.

If more hours in a day were readily available, many respondents would double down on socializing by visiting family and friends, volunteering and even dating.

Spending time with family and friends is especially important to Gen X and baby boomers, while millennials would look for love.

On the flip side, respondents would also enjoy their peace and indulge in “me time”, take a nap, learn a new skill and catch up on work.