How Many Times Humans Have Been Bitten By Something

I'm itchy just thinking about it!

A new poll explores how often people have been bitten or stung by various land, sky and sea critters.

The poll asked about encounters with 21 creatures, which were selected based on an assessment of online accounts of bites and stings.

The most widely shared experience among the 21 polled is having been bitten by a mosquito: nine in 10 people (91%) say this has happened to them. Bee stings are the next most common (75%), followed by bites or stings from wasps (52%) and fleas (51%). Slightly fewer Americans have been bitten or stung by fire ants (46%), spiders (45%), horse flies (40%), or ticks (39%). Between one in four and one in three have been bitten by hornets (30%), chiggers (28%), lice (23%), or bed bugs (21%).

Top 5 Critters That Bite Us

Fire Ant

Spider, horse fly, Yellowjacket, ticks and hornets round out the top 10 list! Other things that have bitten us include jellyfish, bed bugs, snakes, scorpions and stingrays…