How Much Would You Pay To Avoid Pain?

Does Pain have a Price?

From hangovers to migraines, many health nuisances get in the way of daily activities. A survey asked would you put a price on pain?

While some may not be significant enough to warrant a visit to the doctor, they do enough damage to call for preventative measures. But exactly how far would you go to avoid common ailments like allergies, migraines, or even COVID-19?

Here are the key findings:

On average, adults are willing to spend $400 monthly for the rest of their life to sleep soundly through the night.

Adults would spend nearly 40% of one year’s paycheck to get rid of their allergies, permanently.

People are willing to fork over a year’s worth of rent to gain complete immunity to the COVID-19 virus.  Some people would even pay over $47,000 to never throw up again.

This Is What People Would Pay Monthly To Avoid Ailments!


$236.26-Migraines or intense headaches


$182.99-acne or pimples

$176.51-stomachaches or cramps


The study also looked at what we’d give up to be cured of a hangover. The top three things that people would give up to cure a hangover are brunch, coffee and Netflix.

From insomnia to stomachaches, and everything else in between, many common ailments are annoying enough to ruin your day. While many may not be significant enough to warrant a visit to the doctor, others could signify something more urgent. Ongoing ailments can often be resolved with expert advice or prescription medication.