How often do you wash your jeans?

Over the years, we’ve learned how often we should wash our bed sheets, towels, and even our bras, but what about our jeans?


We wear them the most, most likely and they are usually our go-to item in the closet.  There appear to be some different opinions when it comes to washing denim.


Some say denim should never be washed at all.  Ew, gross!  The practical answer, according to jean experts.  The more you wash them, the quicker they fade.  Plus it will also alter the fit and colour.

Jeans should be treated differently from other everyday clothing. The suggestion is to put them in a cold wash once a month. And it’s not necessary to put them in a full-on wash.  Experts say you can do a quick cold wash to freshen them up!


Experts do say, however, if you are wearing them out in public, they should be washed more often.  However; if they are your around the house jeans- there’s really no need to wash them a lot.