How Our Gas Symptoms Affect Our Social Lives

Just let is go!

Fun fact! The average person will hold in a fart 338 times a year in a close call scenario, suggests new research.

A recent survey of 2,000 adults found most of these incidents occur in a dining establishment or while travelling.

And if you’ve ever had FOMO because of gas and bloating, you’re not alone. 34% of people have abandoned birthday parties and dinner parties due to the discomfort caused by these symptoms.

The survey also found that people are worried about returning to the office after two years at home, sighting that having gas at the office place is the worst!

While a completely normal bodily function, most survey respondents agreed that they consider gas to be more embarrassing than finding food in their teeth, something in their nose or even having their zipper down.

When experiencing symptoms of gas or other bodily functions in public, 26% of people have pretended it didn’t happen or attempted to prevent it from happening. 

It might be embarrassing, but passing gas is a completely healthy and normal function of our digestive systems and stifling gas, can cause pain due to increased pressure on your gut.

While many may be embarrassed about farting in public, most people don’t consider it a relationship deal-breaker. 24% would just give their date a look, 23% said they’d joke about it and 19% would pretend nothing happened. 

Even more, the average person is comfortable enough to stop holding in gas after about six dates. And while 44% have had an evening of love ruined by their gas or heartburn.


  • Passing gas – 68%
  • Having something in their nose – 49%
  • Hiccupping – 46%
  • Burping – 45%
  • Finding food in their teeth – 44%
  • Snorting – 44%
  • Sweating – 44%
  • Discovering their zipper is down – 43%