Dating as a single parent means that every second counts.

On average, they know if they want a second date just 38 minutes into the first.

A new poll of single parents sealed that it takes less than an hour (55 minutes) into a date to determine if they are interested in having sex with that person…

Single parents have a clear understanding of what they are looking for the second or third time around.  

Almost one-third (30%) will break things off faster if it’s not a match and 20% have higher expectations for good sex.

Some stereotypes are associated with being a single parent…

The top three assumptions that single parents encounter are that they don’t have the time or energy to dedicate to dating, that their life must be very complicated and that they’re looking for a co-parent over a romantic partner.

Results also revealed that more than half of single parents are now embracing their silly side more than before they had kids. They’re also more cautious, open-minded and confident than they previously were.

The survey found that single parents are feeling more blissful, and happier than ever before. They are also less tolerant of drama and are less critical of their body.

This may stem from the fact that a whopping 80% believe that becoming a role model to their child means that they need to hold themselves to higher dating standards than before they were a parent.