How To Avoid Heartburn This Holiday Season

Basically we have to avoid everything we like!

Heartburn is the worst and often happens over the holiday season due to all the rich and free-flowing goodies.

Heartburn is caused by acid from the stomach that travels up the throat, which can cause a burning feeling in the chest area. 

It can happen due to various reasons such as eating too large quantities of foods, consuming fatty foods, stress, medication, being pregnant, being overweight, or due to certain types of diseases.

A nutritionist explains that there are some things we can do to reduce and avoid heartburn over the festive season!


Avoid deep-fried foods, as well as desserts rich in fats, such as cream and butter in moderation – the fat in these foods, can cause heartburn.

Try to balance out your festive foods! Eat regular balanced meals throughout the day and avoid overeating. If it helps, it might be an idea to log some of the things you’ve eaten in a food diary – also to help identify any foods that may have caused issues.

Drink in moderation! This is because alcohol can cause heartburn by weakening the LES – making it easier for stomach acid to come back up into the esophagus.

Take your time! Try and eat fibre-rich foods during the festive period. This is because fibre improves gastric motility, meaning your food moves more quickly through your digestive tract. When you don’t eat enough fibre your food spends more time in your stomach and more acid is produced.

Happy Holidays!