How To Be A ‘Smart Drinker’

Most people would say "yes!"

A new poll finds that half of the adults consider themselves “smart drinkers,” so what exactly does that mean?

A survey of 2,000 people over 21 reveals what exactly makes someone a “smart drinker.”

Results show that 65 percent of those who drink alcohol claim they’ve mastered knowing what and how much to drink.

The survey finds that “smart drinkers” pace themselves at about two drinks per hour, and “smart drinkers” choose low-volume alcoholic beverages. 

Three in five prefer drinks with a lower alcohol percentage because it helps them drink at a better pace. 

According to the survey, “smart drinking” also entails eating a meal before drinking and being sure not to mix different types of alcohol.

The results show that 45 percent are likely to take the guesswork out by drinking premixed canned alcoholic beverages.

41 percent don’t often know what percentage of alcohol their drinks contain.

More than a fifth of respondents recommends staying away from drinks high in sugar or congeners to avoid hangovers.

From coordinating a safe ride home (52%) to knowing how and why alcohol affects your body (47%) and what ingredients are in your drink (27%), there are plenty of ways to be a “smart drinker.”