How To Do Eye Yoga!

Try it, it may help!

Beetles legend Paul McCartney, 78, recently revealed on a podcast that he keeps his eyes strong and healthy by doing simple eye exercises.


Although there is no scientific evidence or research to suggest eye yoga can help with eye problems such as dry eye, glaucoma, and cataracts, there is some evidence to show it has benefits for eye strain.


Eye yoga might be something worth considering how much time we spend in front of our screens now.  Many people are suffering from computer vision syndrome.’ Computer vision syndrome is where your eyes start to feel strained, dry, and tired from staring at screens.


So why not try some eye yoga! Firstly, make sure that you remove your glasses and contact lenses before beginning!

Eye rolling 

With your eyes staring straight ahead, rotate your eyes up toward the ceiling 

Roll your eyes to the far right 

Roll your eyes to the floor 

Roll your eyes to the far left 

Roll your eyes back to the ceiling, then move your eyes straight ahead 

Repeat 2-4 times, changing direction each time




Blink 10 times in quick succession 

Close your eyes, concentrate on breathing calmly for 30 seconds 

Repeat 3-5 times

Sideways glance 

Look straight ahead and hold your left arm outstretched in front of you, with your thumb pointing straight up 

Move your thumb to the far left and back in front of you, following your thumb with your eyes as you do so 

Repeat this exercise on the opposite side, using your right thumb




Sit in a comfortable position in a dark room 

Rub your palms together quickly until you start to feel the heat between them 

Cup your palms over your eyes, without pressing against the closed eyes 

Concentrate on the warmth and the darkness, this is a good exercise to incorporate in meditation practice



Cross-eyed gaze 

Hold one of your arms out straight with your thumb point upwards 

Following your thumb with your eyes as you bring the thumb up to your nose 

Hold this position for a few moments, focusing on the thumb, before outstretching your arm again 

Repeat this exercise 5 times, then close your eyes and rest


Thanks to for the great advice, here’s some additional information!


In addition to eye yoga, you could consider getting blue light blocking glasses to help reduce eye strain when using digital devices. You can also relax with the Thera-Pearl Eye Mask to relieve overworked eyes and re-hydrate strained eyes with feelgoodcontacts.


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