How To Get Your Picky Pup To Eat Its Food!

Sometimes it's just easier to cook for them!

Seven in 10 parents say their pet is just as much of a picky eater — if not pickier — than their child, according to new research.

A recent survey of 2,000 dog owners found that half of the respondents said they “always” or “often” struggle to get their dog to eat their meals, with a similar percentage admitting they often have to add things to their dog’s food to get them to eat it.

More than half of dog owners consider their pups to be picky eaters because they only like particular foods, they’re not interested in their food or they dislike certain ingredients.

A survey found that more than a quarter of dog owners have at least 10 bags of unused dog food lying around their house from trying to find an option that works well for their pets.

On average, they’ve cycled through eight types of flavours or brands of food to get there.

How To Get Picky Dogs To Eat Their Food!

  1. Reducing the amount of human food/table scraps – 33%
  2. Adding toppers (blueberries, cheese, etc.) – 33%
  3. Transitioning to a new food slowly (mixing old and new) – 32%
  4. Adjusting portions – 30%
  5. Switching to tastier food – 30%