Time to call spiderman!

As the weather starts to cool off, those eight-legged creepy spiders are most likely to find their way into your house as they look for a warm place to set up shop for the winter.


Although most of us don’t like spiders, with some of us totally freaked out by them, most don’t bite.


But if you’re still not wanting to find one in your tub, in your basement, or even worse, crawling up your bedroom wall, there are ways to keep them away!


Peppermint oil/essential oils 

Spiders ‘smell’ with their limbs, and they really don’t like the smell of peppermint, so one way of keeping them out is to spray a diluted solution of peppermint oil (two parts water to one part oil) – around your home, or leave cotton balls soaked in the stuff in areas where spiders might try and come inside.

Essential oils will work too.  Use Rose, Cinnamon, tea tree oil, or lavender.


Try Chalk

Spiders are also said to ‘taste’ with their limbs- and they’ll stay away if you draw a chalk line around areas you don’t want them to go, such as doorways or around your bed.


Seal up cracks and gaps.

Find ways to block where they may come in


Turn off outside lights

Like most bugs, spiders are attracted to the light


Keep your house clean

This may be one way to get your kids to tidy their rooms!  It goes without saying that crumbs and dirt attract insects – which in turn will attract the spiders who like to eat them.


Get a cat

Cats love to chase spiders!  

Every wonder how long spiders live?

According to the Woodland Trust- most will live up to a year, while females will stick around for two to three years if they live indoors and are away from potential predators.