How To Prevent That Eggy Smell When You Hard Boil Eggs

Why do eggs smell like farts?

What’s with that unpleasant smell when you hard boil eggs?  Hard-boiled eggs are perfect as a breakfast on the go, but once you remove the shell, your, home, office, or car give off a questionable scent.



When eggs are cooked, they release chemicals that form an unpleasant gas. This is because the yolk releases iron while the egg whites release sulfur and hydrogen, which causes that familiar smell when it’s all mixed together.

There’s an Australian parents group who have shared a simple way to prevent that odour that happens when you boil eggs.


On their Facebook group page, one mom shared her smelly egg hack.  She says by adding a few teaspoons of white distilled vinegar to the pot, it will help prevent the chemical reaction from occurring and it won’t mess with the taste either.