How To Stop Aging!

Scientists May Have Found Out How To STOP Aging!

There have been countless stories and scientific studies published about how to extend a human’s life, and the technology appears to be there to do just that!

It has been revealed that the human lifespan is related to the aging of our cells. 

After identifying two distinct directions that cells follow during aging, researchers from the University of California San Diego genetically manipulated these processes to extend the lifespan of cells.

They have now extended this research using synthetic biology to engineer a solution that keeps cells from reaching their normal levels of deterioration associated with aging. 

Cells, including those of yeast, plants, animals and humans, all contain gene regulatory circuits that are responsible for many physiological functions, including aging.

The UC San Diego team envisioned a “smart aging process” that extends cellular longevity by cycling deterioration from one aging mechanism to another. 

In the new study, the researchers genetically rewired the circuit that controls cell aging. From its normal role of functioning like a toggle switch, they engineered a negative feedback loop to stall the aging process.