How You Butter Your Toast Says A Lot About Your Personality!

It’s time to take the toast test!

Some spread with precision, others with spontaneity – how we spread mirrors our resilience, patience, and attention to detail

According to a human behavioural expert, the most easygoing and calm people are the ones who glide the knife over the bread for an even spread. They successfully glide through life, unphased by hurdles or moments of stress. Does this sound like you?  

Meanwhile, the research showed that the 19 percent of adults who prefer ‘Total Coverage’ by spreading to, and including, the crusts – are considered to be very methodical.  Their precise nature means they are usually the organized one of their friendship group.  By spreading every part of their bread, it demonstrates control, ensuring nothing is left to chance. 

And ‘Clumpers’ – those who don’t spread evenly and often leave clumps on the bread – are sporadic, thinking outside the box in life. The six percent of the population who fit into this category do things their way, but are generally late for appointments, believing they have more time to spare.

Those who avoid the crust altogether are said to be tidy, but there are only 5% of those…Crust-Avoiders fear making a mess and are procedural – but are typically great at admin and may describe themselves as a perfectionist.

Other types of “how you spread butter on your toast personalities” include:


Those who go all out with their spread.

This group of people generally have a very happy disposition. They see the best in life, which is reflected in putting lashings of delicious spread in abundance all over their toast.


Those who spread on both sides.

These people tend to be the most unique of all spreaders. They are creative people who use the abstract side of their brains. Very few individuals would spread their bread on both sides.


Those who rip the bread and spread individual pieces one at a time.

People with the bread-tearing character trait do not like surprises and do not like to perform in a lesser way than they know they are capable of.


Those who use a gadget to shape their spread.

The Curlers are perfectionists. These are people who tend to want to do things their own “unique way”. They use a special implement to curl their spread.

Barely There

Those who use minimal spread and leave gaps.

These individuals do not want to silence the taste of the bread by drowning it in spread. Hence they much prefer to savour the taste and texture just like a good wine.  Of course, ‘barely there’ spreaders may also be health conscious and prefer to go light on the spread for this reason.