Howard Stern Cancels Aaron Rodgers Over Vax Statements

Howard has some' Stern' words for the football player!

Howard went off on the Green Bay Packers quarterback during his SiriusXM show calling the NFL player an “F—-g selfie prick.”


Rodgers tested positive for COVID-19 last week after he previously suggested that he was immunized.  He tried to take back what he said regarding him being immunized, stating he wasn’t referring to the COVID Vaccine.


Rodgers was sidelined from last Sunday’s game, said that he’s allergic to an ingredient in the vaccines from Moderna and Pfizer.


Rodgers turned to his friend podcast host Joe Rogan and not a doctor for medical advice and alternative remedies.


Stern took to the airwaves to voice his opinion!


“The next time this f—head gets injured on the field, they should bring in Joe Rogan to fix the bones,” Stern ranted. “They should have him treat him.”


Stern added: “I would throw this guy out of the football league so fast. He’s an f—ing liar and he could’ve destroyed a lot of people.”

The NFL issued fined quarterback Aaron Rodgers and receiver Allen Lazard after its review found the team and its two players did not follow league Covid-19 protocols, NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said Tuesday. The Packers were fined $300,000, while Rodgers and Lazard were each fined $14,650, according to the discipline schedule negotiated by the NFL and the NFL Players Association.