If A Man Has A Deep, Sexy Voice, He May Cheat

If you have a manly deep voice like James Earl Jones, you may be a cheater.

Chinese researchers found that men with deeper voices are more likely to cheat on their partners. 


Masculine-sounding men are also “more likely to engage in infidelity” than “feminine men,” researchers said. The study also found that females like the deep voices in men, it’s more arousing!


The scientists came to this conclusion by surveying a group of 116 heterosexual men and 145 women- who had been involved in brief flings.


After recording their voices to gauge their pitch, the team asked participants how likely they were to remain faithful to their partners on a scale of 1 to 7.  The study found that men with deeper voices were more likely to fool around with different women.

Basically the study found that dudes with deeper voices “enhance their status among other men or their attractiveness to women, thereby increasing their chances of obtaining more or higher-quality partners.”


Lower voices indicate higher testosterone levels, which has been shown to “interfere with romantic relationships.”  Research has found that higher levels of testosterone promote promiscuous behaviour, according to the new study.


On the flip side, men with lower testosterone and higher voices, tend to have better long-term marital satisfaction and lower divorce rates.