If Candy Were Made For Adults!

How great would this be!

Remember those old-fashioned candy necklaces you only used to get in loot bags or at Halloween?

You’d walk around all day with that thing on, taking little bites to make it last longer…

What if they made one for adults?  Let’s be honest, we don’t need the sugar, but we do need a Tums once in a while. So here are candies that could double as a lifesaver (no pun intended)

Here are my thoughts on how candy can be made for adults…

Candy necklace, but with Tums and ibuprofen…

Twizzlers, but it’s also a hair tie!

Tricks Gum…But actually Prozac 

Ring pops…But it’s actual wine you could suck on instead

Fun-Dip…But it is secretly Metamucil