My room was red for years!

If you’ve struggled to get good sleep, you might be looking for a solution.  Maybe some fresh sheets, a new mattress, some white noise, or NOT drinking those margaritas at 10:00 P.M.  (???)


But a new study has the answer:  Just re-paint your bedroom.  Purple.



According to a survey by SleepJunkie, 84% of people with a purple bedroom reported that they typically slept well.  If you can’t handle purple, try blue, it was second with 76% getting good sleep in blue rooms.


On the flip side, don’t paint your bedroom green.  Only 58% of people with green bedrooms sleep well, while 27% say they sleep poorly in green rooms.  You might also want to avoid painting your bedroom yellow, brown, and beige.



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Now, before you run to the hardware store, you should note that even though the survey involved more than 1,000 people, only 25 HAD purple bedrooms.  So the results MIGHT be skewed a bit.



(Or how about TURNING OFF THE LIGHTS??  If it was dark enough, how would your body even know what colour the bedroom was painted?)