If You suffer From Migraines, It Could Be Linked To Your Diet, Says Study!

Migraines are the worst!

They’re painful, affect our ability to concentrate, and heavily interrupt our daily lives. 

Migraines, in particular, are exhausting and can even cause people to lie in a dark room for a few hours until they pass.

But a new study has found that they may not be as random as we might think and what we eat could play a huge role in them.

Researchers also noted that those who experienced severe headaches and migraines often had a diet lacking vitamins and nutrients. 

These individuals also were drinking more coffee and consuming more theobromine – a property found in chocolate. 

Scientists explain that Migraines can be triggered by low blood sugar levels.

If someone is going long intervals between meals, skipping meals, or cutting out major food groups, specifically carbohydrates, this can cause blood sugar levels to dip.

In addition, prolonged malnutrition usually leads to vitamin and mineral deficiencies – and deficiencies in some vitamins (mostly the B vitamins) and the mineral magnesium might contribute to more severe migraines.