Will Migraines and Allergies Be A Problem In 100 Years?

Let's hope!

These are two of the most annoying things in a person’s everyday life. But nothing lasts forever, does it?

62% of people believe most common ailments will be cured or contained within 100 years, new research suggests.

The research found that we are optimistic about the future of medicine and that there could be a life in which migraines, allergies and the common cold aren’t prevalent. 

In their present-day world, however, two-thirds of respondents with allergies said their symptoms have gotten worse over the years.

Overall, more than half attribute this to increased indoor and outdoor pollution and rising temperatures.

The survey also discovered nearly seven in 10 (69%) have trouble enjoying the fall season due to their allergies.

Ailments People Think Will Be Cured Or Contained in 100 Years

Migraines – 52%
Allergies – 47%
Common cold – 43%
Cancer – 41%
Alzheimer’s – 39%
Flu – 39%
ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) – 28%
Stomach aches – 28%
Ear infections – 23%
Eye infections – 18%