Do you think this is a real phenomenon, and has it ever happened to you?  The term “OFFICE GOGGLES” is trending after some bloggers posted about it on TikTok.  It’s like “beer goggles,” but just at work and no booze required.

It’s when you fall for someone at the office even though you’d never look twice if you passed them on the street.  It’s been on Urban Dictionary since 2006.  So it’s not a brand-new term, but most people have never heard it.

Her only real theory is you just see the person so much, that it changes your perception of how hot they are.

Urban Dictionary’s definition pretty much lines up with that.  They define it as “Similar to beer googles” but caused by a contained area like an office.  They claim that “repeatedly seeing the same person” can raise their “score” by an average of two points.  So if they’re a 7 on the street, they’re a 9 at work.

Her advice is to be mindful of it since making a move on a coworker can be dicey.  And be especially careful if you’re all hitting up happy hour today.  Office goggles AND beer goggles are a dangerous combo.