Investigators Remain On The Set Of Baldwin Movie After Fatal Shooting

The story continues to unfold

Last Thursday, actor Alec Baldwin accidentally shot and killed one crew member and injured another after a prop gun discharged.



According to reports, detectives have recovered what they say are loose and boxed ammunition from the set.  They did not say what type of ammunition they found, whether it included live, dummy bullets, or blanks, but two boxes worth was removed from the set of “Rust.”



A forensic analysis is being done to determine what killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. Hutchins, was killed and director Joel Souza, 48, was injured when a revolver that Baldwin was using during rehearsal discharged.  Alec had been told the gun was not loaded, according to court documents.



It also came to light that an assistant director who handed Baldwin the gun and told him it was unloaded had been fired from another movie  over a mishap with a weapon.